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Programming contest / API Evaluation: looking for Web developers

If you are an experienced web developer interested in the integration of Telco/Communication functionalities, we have something for you.

We are planning to evaluate two JavaScript APIs: our in-house developed APSINT API ( as well as the new WebRTC API (

You will use the APIs to create a new web app or integrate new communication functionalities (like phone calls) into one of your existing applications. While working with the API you report your experiences in form of short diaries or by sending short tweets and bugs/improvements. The test will be open for 4-5 weeks. Finally, you can submit your application(s), which will be reviewed by us (we might request the source code if necessary). Upon submission there will be a final questionnaire. 

The study aims to gather feedback, shortcomings and advantages of the APIs as well as to discover their possibilities, i.e. which innovative applications you imagine building with them. 

You are free to evaluate just one API or both. We will select the best three apps in each category, e.g. for each API. The 1st place will be awarded a prize money of 1000 Euros, the 2nd and 3rd places, 600 and 400 Euros, respectively. In addition there will be non-cash prizes, like mobile phones, etc.

In order to participate in our study, you should bring along a solid experience in web technologies and development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) and should be able to dedicate enough time to develop a web app with the aforementioned APIs and report your findings. You can use your own development environment, but for the APSINT API you will need a Linux computer or Android phone to run a necessary piece of software.

The test is scheduled to start around mid May - if you are interested to join, please send a short email to Please add one or two sentences about who you are and what you are doing. Finally, feel free to share this call among your friends and colleagues.